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        1. WDW universal testing machine WDW universal testing machine
          WDW universal testing machine

            For Static Puncture Test (CBR Test)

             Universal Testing Machine (UTM) Load Frames





          Technical Specifications:


          Basic Configuration :

          Precision ball screw, imported servo speed control motor and speed control system, three closed loop automatic control system

          Nominal Force :

          20 kN

          Test Speed :

          0.0005 mm/min to 500 mm/min to nominal force

          Speed Accuracy :

          ± 0.5% of set speed

          Test Force Measurement Range :

          0.2%-100%FS or 0.4%-100%FS

          Test Force Resolution :

          1/500000 of the maximum test force

          Deformation Measurement Range :


          Deformation Resolution :


          Very High Return Speed :

          750 mm/min

          Measured Value Recording Rate :

          400kHz minimum

          Measure Value Transmission Rate to PC :

          500 Hz minimum

          Drive Travel Resolution :

          0.02 microns

          Position Repeatability :

          ± 2 microns

          Power Supply :

          AC 220-240V, 60 Hz, single phase

          Dual Column

          Eco mode automatic switch off power (adjustable time)

          Automatic zero correction at the start of test

          Interface to PC via Ethernet

          Maintenance-free AC drive motor



          ISO 12236 and ASTM D6241



          Load Cell :

          20 kN capacity

          Measuring range :

          0.08 kN to 20 kN

          Accuracy :

          ±0.5% of reading

          Inclusion :

          Calibration certificate

          Highly insensitive to traverse forces, bending moments and torque

          Overload protection up to 150% of nominal capacity without damage (worst case up to 300% nominal capacity)



          Hydraulic clamping unit for gripping specimen

          With plunger, diameter 50 mm

          Hydraulic hand pump

          Plunger and compressor rings

          Connector and adapter

          For determination of compression resistance of geotextiles (ISO 12236, ASTM D6241)



          Model :


          Processor :

          Core i7-12700

          Memory :

          16GB RAM DDR4 , 1 TB HDD + 512GB SSD

          GPU: 4GB DDR5, 23.8" FHD 1920 x 1080 LED Display 802.11AC Wi-Fi

          Operating System :

          Windows 11 Professional, Bundled with MS Office 2019 and

          12-month Security software subscription

          Keyboard with wireless mouse

          Webcam, microphone & speaker









          Model: BVX 6501-ph




          Max Configurable Power (Watts) :

          360 Watts / 650VA

          Output Frequency (sync to mains) :

          50/60 Hz +/- 1 Hz Sync to mains

          Topology : 

          Line interactive

          Waveform type: 

          Stepped approximation to a sinewave

          Transfer Time: 

          6 ms typical : 10 ms maximum



          Input frequency :

          50/60 Hz +/- 5 Hz Auto-sensing

          Input voltage range for main operations :

          140 - 300 (230 V) ACV

          Number of Power Cords:


          Input Power Factor at Full Load : 




          Battery type :

          Lead-acid battery

          Typical recharge time :


          Nominal Battery Voltage : 

          12 V

          Expected Battery Life (years) : 

          1 - 2

          Battery Volt-Amp-Hour Capacity : 


          Net weight :






          Epson EcoTank L3210 A4 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer


          The multifunctional printing solutions - EcoTank L3210 is designed to improve business cost savings and print productivity. Expect a high print yield of up to 4,500 pages for black-and-white, and 7,500 pages for colour. You can even print borderless photos up to 4R size. The integrated ink tanks and designated nozzles ensure spill-free and error-free refilling.




          PRINTER TYPE

          Printer Type :

          Print, Scan, Copy



          Print Method :

          On-demand inkjet (Piezoelectric)

          Printer Language :

          ESC/P-R, ESC/P Raster

          Nozzle Configuration :

          180 x 1 nozzles Black, 59 x 1 nozzles per Colour (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)

          Maximum Resolution :

          5760 x 1440 dpi

          Automatic 2-sided Printing :




          PRINT SPEED

          Photo Default - 10 x 15 cm / 4 x 6 " *1:

          Approx. 69 sec per photo (Border) / 90 sec per photo (Borderless)*2

          Draft, A4 (Black / Colour) :

          Up to 33.0 ppm / 15.0 ppm*2

          ISO 24734, A4 Simplex (Black / Colour) :

          Up to 10.0 ipm / 5.0 ipm*2

          First Page Out Time from Ready Mode (Black / Colour) :

          Approx. 10 sec / 16 sec*2



          Maximum Copies from Standalone :

          20 copies

          Maximum Copy Resolution :

          600 x 600 dpi

          Maximum Copy Size :

          A4, Letter

          ISO 29183, A4 Simplex (Black / Colour):

          Up to 7.0 ipm / 1.7 ipm



          Scanner Type:

          Flatbed colour image scanner

          Sensor Type:


          Optical Resolution:

          600 x 1200 dpi

          Maximum Scan Area:

          216 x 297 mm

          Scanner Bit Depth (Colour):

          48-bit input, 24-bit output

          Scanner Bit Depth (Grayscale):

          16-bit input, 8-bit output

          Scanner Bit Depth (Black & White) :

          16-bit input, 1-bit output


          SCAN SPEED

          Flatbed (Black / Colour) :

          200dpi : Up to 11 sec / Up to 32 sec



          Number of Paper Trays:


          Standard Paper Input Capacity:

          Up to 100 sheets of Plain Paper (80 g/m2)

          Up to 20 sheets of Premium Glossy Photo Paper

          Output Capacity :

          Up to 30 sheets of Plain Paper (80 g/m2)

          Up to 20 sheets of Premium Glossy Photo Paper



          Maximum Paper Size :

          215.9 x 1200 mm

          Paper Sizes :

          Legal (8.5 x 14"), Indian-Legal (215 x 345 mm), 8.5 x 13", Letter, A4, 16K (195 x 270 mm), B5, A5, B6,

          A6, Hagaki (100 x 148 mm), 5 x 7", 5 x 8", 4 x 6", Envelopes: #10, DL, C6

          Print Margin :

          0 mm top, left, right, bottom via custom settings in printer driver*3



          Operating System Compatibility :

          Windows XP / XP Professional / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

          Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012 / 2016 / 2019

          Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later

          PC Printing/ Premium Glossy Photo Paper Best Photo :

          Sound Power (Black / Colour) 5.1 / 5.2 B(A),

          Sound Pressure (Black / Colour) 38 / 39 dB(A)

          PC Printing / Plain Paper Default*4:

          Sound Power (Black / Colour) 6.4 / 6.2 B(A),

          Sound Pressure (Black / Colour) 50 / 48 dB(A)



          Dimensions and Weight :

          375 x 347 x 179mm

          Weight :

          3.9 kg



          Rated Voltage :

          AC 220-240 V

          Rated Frequency :

          50-60 Hz

          Operating :

          14.0 W

          Sleep :

          0.4 W

          Power Off :

          0.2 W


          4.0 W



          USB :

          USB 2.0, Network: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct



          Printer Software:

          Epson ScanSmart




          Ver. 7.64(2023.2.20)



          English and Version 7.64(2023.2.20)

          Test programs for determining maximum force and extension

          Tolerance monitoring of all results

          Force and strain control

          Complete statistical evaluation of the test results and tolerance monitoring

          Graphical representation with function to identify relevant results (e.g., Fmax, strain, Fbreak, etc.) obtained in the graph

          Protection against manipulation of results: traceability records, electronic signatures

          Prevention of unauthorized access: user management or password protection

          Intelligent wizard to guide operator in configuring the method (shows which test parameters must still be configured and checks for entries plausibility)

          Real-time correction of the machine deformation (correction curve)

          Test environment concept to define reproducible test conditions and offer maximum safety


          Special Point

           The whole measurement control system adopts the special PC control card for testing machine, which realizes the digital adjustment of test force, deformation, displacement zero point and gain. It is easy to operate and has high reliability.

          ● Support for multiple sensors

          ● The database management of test parameters and test results is realized. The test data is stored in standard format, which is easy to be analyzed and transferred by other software.

          ● Perfect control mode intelligent set expert system, provide automatic program-controlled programming function, realize the smooth switch between the control mode, can meet all kinds of materials and domestic and foreign various test standards.

          ● The control software has the function of automatically adjusting the stiffness of the sample. Ensure that the system works at the best point under various specimen stiffness.

          ● Perfect graphics function. It can realize any enlargement, reduction, fit and superposition of various test curves, display and print of specified interval, search of test points and various test points.

          ● Test curve display and print at the same time. Data processing support automatic processing and graphics,

          ● It is convenient to check and compare the test results.

          ● The user can define the output of the test report by himself, which has great flexibility.

          ● The frame design concept and open program structure are convenient for the expansion of testing machine function and the secondary development of users.

          ● Based on the idea of the experiment scheme, the intelligent expert system has passed the project quality inspection. All kinds of control modes can be switched smoothly. The user can define the sample information, the experiment procedure, the data format, the report format, etc.

          ● The three-level authority management integrates the flexible function and simple operation of the testing machine, and realizes all the automation of the test process and data processing.

          ● The application of network database technology can plug in all kinds of networking program modules to achieve a variety of data networking needs.


          Automatic Programming Module


          Full digital control, there are a variety of control methods, including constant speed stress, constant speed displacement, displacement hold and force hold and other closed-loop control methods; Provide simple, easy to use ‘’control program editor’’ software, users can customize their own control program, the preparation of a varety of complex control process, control steps are not limited.




          Test Standard Library


          Built-in test standard library, the standard is equipped with dozens of test and test standards, data analysis and processing in strict accordance with the corresponding standards, and can be expanded according to user requirements.




          Database Management Module


          The test data adopts database management mode, and automatically saves all test and curves; Using access database to manage test data, users can edit any format of the report, and print output.







          Management of Statements


          Provide a variety of report printing methods, support Excel sheet printing, can edit and print any format of the report; The data interface can be directly connected to the comprehensive information data management network of the enterprise (laboratory) to meet various data networking requirements.






          ISO 12236 and ASTM D6241

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